Fast Pass Rules

We wanted to make sure that everyone understands how the fast passes work aka the rules for the Fast Pass line. (Early arrival is suggested YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

1. You can only sign-up once (multiple names or email addresses will be taken off the list)

2. Passes are not transferable (your name submitted must match your ID.)

3. You must have the Fast Pass loaded on your phone, and your ID in hand and ready to go while in line (this speeds up the process for everyone)

4. The Fast Pass is only good for the first hour at any Tribute Night or Ante Up Event (unless stated otherwise)

5. Once capacity is reached the Fast Pass line ENDS! 

6. There are no guarantees with the Fast Pass (at any moment at anytime security may cut off the line or end the line for fast passes) 

7. PLEASE DO NOT CALL/EMAIL HOLOCENE ABOUT THE "FAST PASS” If you do not see the fast pass in your inbox then sorry you did not make the list before our cap.

8. Fast Passes are given out the day of the event at 12pm.